The FiiX blends pop, rock, hip-hop, and EDM for a sound that is unstoppable and positively controversial. While their music and topics are aggressive, the vibe of the music is almost EDM club-like with a Hip-Hop edge. Their music is similar to Linkin Park and Eminem with hints of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The FiiX's members, Taylor Christian and DJ De Neve, instantly clicked in 2012, when they gave an unplanned concert at a raucous house party. Excited at how well their styles blended, they starting writing music together, and created “Never Make It Home,” a sobering song based on Taylor's past drug addiction. Having become stronger as a result of their challenges, The FiiX faces taboo issues head on, and their music reflects the unsettled nature of today's youth. In the storm of the world today, Taylor and DJ remain ever positive and are guided by their strong faith.

By 2013, The FiiX had been performing and writing together enough to record their first album. They found ReAmp Recording Studios, where music producer Daniel Martin recognized their talent and helped refine the duo's unique sound. With the help of Daniel Martin, The FiiX is at the forefront of a whole new genre that crosses alternative, rock, hip-hop, and EDM. The FiiX followed the positive controversy of "Never Make It Home" with "Breathe," a song that focuses abortion and today's youth. Breathe caught the attention of Hourglass Independent Records owner, Stefani Rose, who fell in love with the depth of the lyrics and the fearlessness of the duo. With the support of Hourglass Independent Records and ReAmp Recording Studios, The FiiX is producing their first LP, If The Walls Could Speak, which is due out summer of 2014.

Taylor and DJ both attend Saving Grace Community Church in Lake Forest, California, and perform locally at church, private, and public events.

Taylor Christian knew that he would be in the music business when he grew up listening to Grime (England's version of hip hop) in the late 90s. He fell in love with rap and hip-hop, and began to write and record his own music. In England, his friends didn't quite understand his music, as he wasn't writing in the typical Grime style. It became clear that his sound and lyrics were uniquely influenced by his US-born family and toddler years in the US.

Taylor was born in Anaheim Hills, California, and was adopted at by Bill and Carri Foote. His family moved to Ashford, Kent in England when Taylor was 4 years old. The blend of a very early life in the US and formative years in England created a unique personality, sound, and view of life.

When Taylor was almost 16 years old he and his parents moved back to the States and settled in Lake Forest, California. As a teen “import” from England, Taylor made friends easily – the British accent didn't hurt either. By the end Taylor's sophomore year, he started drugs, and gradually became addicted to heavier and more dangerous substances. Halfway through his senior year, Taylor was expelled from school, and was forced to continue and graduate at a continuing education school.

As a result of drugs and the impact they were having on his life, anxiety and stress became a huge issue for Taylor. Fortunately, music and writing were always a relief from his pain, anxiety, and stress, and he always found joy when he was coming up with a new song, or rapping for other people. Taylor was 19 when he hit rock bottom. He was living in pain and was a broken soul. His life seemed a meaningless search for the next fix. The divine hand of God rescued him from his addictions, and Jesus became the cure for Taylor's drug addiction and unhealthy lifestyle. It was through God's work that Taylor was able to turn away from drugs and the other bad influences on his life.

After two years of sobriety, Taylor met Daniel De Neve (DJ) through his church. Their friendship turned into writing and performing partners after they threw together a song during a friend's party. DJ was playing the piano, and Taylor sat next to him and started to freestyle. Jaws dropped, a crowd formed, and afterwards, everyone raved about the sound. Taylor and DJ started writing together, and it felt right…really right.

In 2014, after working to refine their sound, they formed The FiiX, and will be releasing their debut LP in the summer.

Taylor brings music...and a message…to people who are struggling as he once struggled. He writes lyrics that are positively controversial – they reflect struggles, challenges, the dark side of life, but are also positive and give his fans hope and assurances for a better future.

DJ De Neve was born Daniel John Gonzalez De Neve in Ontario, California on January 10, 1996. Living in a Christian home, DJ was taught the Bible. At ten, DJ and his family moved to Orange County where he would start his journey as a musician.

After years of learning how to play the violin and saxophone in school, DJ wanted to learn how to play the guitar. DJ took guitar lessons for about three years and became lead guitarist for his middle school jazz band. During this time DJ helped in leading worship for both the children's ministry and the youth group at Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo.

From 8th-10th grade, DJ was a member of the Calvary Chapel RSM youth worship team. With this came popularity, which may seem hard to believe coming from a church. DJ realized that his motive in worship had shifted away from worshipping God. This brought DJ to a dark place every church service. He led worship, but had no interest in hearing God's Word. Instead of asking God's help, DJ thought music was the cure. He formed a band with two other members from the worship team and left the church. It was a progressive rock band named Cities Around Us, which lasted about a year and a half. DJ had still not found what he was searching for.

DJ went to the Bible. He read it, but only for comfort and hope. As he read more, he began to grow sick of how he lived. Things began to fall apart between him and the people he cared about, DJ quickly found himself alone. Wanting to get rid of what was going on and the loneliness, DJ harbored suicidal thoughts. What was God revealing to him? One night when DJ read the Bible and prayed, he told God that he didn't want to live anymore and didn't think anyone else cared if he continued living. He wept and realized that if he killed himself, he wouldn't go to heaven. His motives had always been wrong. He had always put God last in his life. At that point, DJ didn't even know if he was a true Christian. He confessed and prayed for forgiveness and the next morning everything changed.

DJ woke up and found a document on his computer that he had apparently typed up, but did not at all remember typing. The words were a chorus saying "Wise man don't be afraid. I'm bringing you home someday, to tear out the pain. But wise man, that's not today. Keep running this race. Remember you're brave." It was clearer than anything he'd ever seen. He knew God and his Word, but there were others who didn't. People all around him were blind to what the Bible taught. From that day on, DJ hasn't thought at all about suicide. Instead he made it his mission to write music with meaning. He then began writing music that would move people and cause them to think about looking at their lives and the world around them in a way to bring change positively. If people dug deep enough into his writing, they would find that God was always at the center of his work.

Just when he thought things could not get better, DJ and his family started attending Saving Grace Community Church. There he became friends with the pastor's son, Taylor Foote. During this period, DJ was recording a debut solo LP at ReAmp Recording Studios in Anaheim. One day, DJ and Taylor were at a friend's house. DJ began singing and playing the piano. Taylor joined him and began free styling a rap. Later, DJ asked Taylor if he'd collaborate on one of the songs for the LP. Soon, they ended up doing two songs that held more heart and meaning than anything DJ had written before. This resulted in Taylor and DJ becoming a duo called "The FiiX".